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About the Webinar

U.S. markets are in flux as our historic Bull run came to a screeching halt because of Covid-19. The Corona Crash produced 3 of the largest single day drops the market has ever seen, and now traders are scrambling to avoid the resulting economic fallout. Fortunately, Trade Stocks and All Star Charts founder JC Parets are hosting a free live webinar each week to help our readers navigate the current financial landscape.

Updated market analysis from the most data-driven trader on the planet


A crystal-clear explanation of what you can expect the market to do next



Recommendations for how to prepare regardless of which direction the market moves


Actual live trade recommendations from JC that you can take advantage of today

About Our Host JC Parets

JC Parets is one of the most widely followed Technical Analysts in the world, and the founder of All Star Charts, a research platform for both professional and retail investors covering US and International stocks, interest rates, commodities, and forex markets.

JC is featured regularly on Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox Business, ABC, CNN, Wall Street Journal and many other financial media outlets around the world. His popularity, knowledge, and ability to accurately and effectively simplify a complicated topic have made JC one of the most accomplished Chartered Market Technicians in the world. That’s why he speaks about Technical Analysis and Behavioral Finance at conferences internationally, as well as locally at institutions including Harvard, Duke, NYU, the University of Chicago. When not touring or teaching, JC spends his time pursuing his sommelier certification and adventuring with his wife in New York City.

What Customers Are Saying About JC

JC, terrific call on the short AAPL and short BA below their respective levels. I sold my puts in both last week for healthy gains. Using the risk levels you outlined, I believe this is the first time I've successfully and confidently bet against a stock. Well done sir. Also, I remain short GS below 218 against a long JPM above 110. I've learned a lot from you. Thanks!

Thanks for your diligence. I manage about $50 million and your constant reminder that cash is position really kept me from doing something stupid. Every time I felt compelled to BTFD, I reread your notes and cancelled the orders.

Thanks for all you do.

Just wanted to say I was so impressed how you changed from raging bull to unwavering bear and, I imagine, banked nice coin on shorts. I haven't seen anyone do that. I think the longstanding bears who missed the big bull run cashed out quickly, finally relieved, and missed the big whoosh down. I'm not comfortable shoring so I went to cash. Anyway, really good stuff. Cheers!

Stephen Holseberg

Tom Marshall

Tree McElhinney

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Thursday, May 28th     5PM (PST) / 8PM (EST)

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Thursday, April 16th
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