Happy October, Scoopers!

Yesterday, the stock market wrapped September, and guess what, the stock market ended the month higher than where it started it. Also, new-gen retailers got a nod of approval from investors. However, marijuana stocks continued to struggle, even with the recent progress in the legalization activities.

For those stories and more, scroll down to the “Overall Market,” “What’s up?” and “What’s down?” sections.


  • U.S. markets: After a tough week, all major indices had a good day and ended up in the green zone on Monday. Scroll to the Overall Market section to learn more.
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin’s price is still hovering around the $8,000 mark. Some analysts believe the launch of the Bitcoin Future market, Bakkt, is to blame for the recent price crash.


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September was a good month.

What happened in September?

Despite all the negative commentaries, interest rate saga, trade-war drama, and political uncertainties, the stock market wrapped September higher than where it started the month.

What does this mean?

It seems impossible that the market has moved up, but numbers don’t lie. It’s a good reminder that the day-to-day market drama is mostly built for entertainment. We should take them for what they are intended for, not as stock market research.


New-gen retailers are up.

So, what happened?

Gone the days that Zara and H&M fast-fashion ruled the world. Consumers don’t want to pick just the trendiest item that is out of fashion after the first wash. They prefer to curate their fashion items from Instagram, have it delivered to their doors, and if it’s possible to own a luxury item cheaper, even if it means to buy it second-hand, they prefer to do so.

Financial analysts upgraded their price target for the online, secondhand luxury retailer, RealReal (Ticker: REAL). Also, shares of Stitch Fix (Ticker: SFIX), another new-gen online retailer stock, got a boost of its own, in anticipation of better-than-expected quarterly earnings on Tuesday.


Marijuana stocks keep sliding.

So, what happened?

Shares of several marijuana stocks were down, again. While there was good progress toward the legalization of the industry in the U.S. (Scroll to the Water Cooler section to read more about that progress), investors were still worried and cautious.

Shares of Aurora (Ticker: ACB) and Canopy Growth (Ticker: CGC) are among some of Monday’s losers. Investors are worried that the legalization is still far away and more regulatory hurdles are expected in the coming weeks and months.


A win for the marijuana sector.

So, what happened?

Hard to believe, but marijuana companies cannot still use the banking system in states where marijuana is legalized. It’s because the banking system is federally regulated. However, last Wednesday, the new SAFE Banking Act passed the House to allow the banking system to serve the sector, provide loans, credit lines, and other banking services.

While the Senate has to still vote for the Act to become actionable legislation, but the progress is a significant step toward a legalized marijuana industry in the U.S. The marijuana sector is having a very bad 2019, and almost all major stocks in the sector are significantly lower than where they started the year. Nevertheless, the sector is making progress.

The SAFE Banking Act can be a major growth catalyst if it tunes into law. This is progress worth monitoring.

So, the next time you are reading a company’s IPO document, and you find yourself reading the first paragraph of the document a few times to figure out what the company does, take it as a good sign that most likely you will be better off skipping the IPO.

Hoda Mehr

Hoda Mehr

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