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We are back with another lightning-round edition fo The Daily Scoop. Here are the most important events that created another crazy week of ups and downs in the stock market:

We started the week on a high note. With the earnings reports began to flow, investors were excited for the week ahead. Read more here.

Tuesday was also a good day in the stock market. However, the news and uncertainties about Brexit blocked investors’ happiness and dragged the stock market down. Read more here.

The stock market ended up with a rather calm day on Wednesday. There were quite a lot of quarterly earnings reports and calls, but nothing too drastic that can move the market. We bet financial media were pulling the hair out to get some juicy news out. However, the earnings calls are not always as exciting as financial media’s hopes and dreams. Read more here.

The possibility of China ratcheting up its agricultural product purchase from the U.S. to the pre-trade war era level helped push the market upward. Read more here.

Finally, the stock market finished the week higher than where it started on Friday. Technology stocks ended up being the stars of the week, boosting the Nasdaq almost 2% higher in just five days.

Beyond the overall market, a new war may be brewing in the business world. We know you’ve heard of the trade wars, the delivery wars, and the streaming wars. But, the chances are that you haven’t heard of this new war that is brewing in the airline industry.

More information is available in the “Water Cooler” section. Also, scroll down to read about what happened in the stock market the last week.



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Good job, tech stocks

What happened last week?

The five-day return of the stock market is a good indicator that quarterly earnings reports have been going pretty well. All three indices moved up last week, with the Nasdaq growing almost 2%. Because of the high concentration of technology stocks in the Nasdaq index, you can conclude that tech stocks have had a good quarter so far.

Despite the trade worries and global economic growth concerns, most technology companies have reported favorable earnings so far. It’s still too early to call Q3 a victory. However, the results are promising so far.


What does this mean?

Despite the trade worries and global economic growth concerns, most technology companies have reported favorable earnings so far. It’s still too early to call Q3 a victory. However, the results are promising so far.

One possible explanation is that these companies are reporting their earnings compared to the last quarter and the last year. And, if you remember, the last Q3 and specifically Q4 wasn’t too exciting, and many companies were struggling. The better than expected results so far can be because of a relatively lower benchmark that is being used to gauge the companies’ performance this quarter. This is the math you may have to remember as you read and listen to quarterly earnings calls.


Stowage war is a thing.

So, what happened?

You’ve heard of the delivery wars. You’ve heard of the streaming wars. We are pretty sure that you’ve heard of the trade war. But, there is a war you may not have heard of it yet. It’s called …

“The stowage war”

Yep, stowage, as in stowing your luggage in the overhead bin when flying in an airplane. Apparently, there has been a stowage war going on for quite some time. And, United Airlines has decided to end it.

Most airlines plan to reduce the size of their overhead bin for fuel-efficiency. But, United is planning to make the bin size bigger. What gangster, going against the industry’s norm. While stowage wars have been traditionally going on between passengers fighting for overhead bin space, this gangster move by United may create a new stowage war between airlines. You’ve heard it here, first.

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Hoda Mehr

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