What you need to know?

Happy Friday Scoopers, Another week of quarterly earnings calls is coming to an end. Unless something unexpected happens today the stock market is wrapping it up on the high notes. Of course, there is always a chance for a new Presidential tweet. Except that, Lyft (Ticker: LYFT) both delighted and disappointed investors. Roku (Ticker: ROKU) kept rocking, and FedEx (Ticker: FDX) dumped Amazon (Ticker: AMZN) before Amazon gets a chance to do so.


  • U.S. markets: After a stable day, all three major indices grew into the green zone. Among the three, the Nasdaq had the best day and gained more than 2% on Thursday. Scroll to the Overall Market section to learn more.
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin’s price stayed under the $12,000 mark. There is no real fundamental analyses behind Bitcoin prices. All you can read and study is charting and technical price prediction. And, the predictions are now all about higher Bitcoin price.


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A declining stock market is not as bad as they make us believe. 

What happened last week? 

Last week’s ups and downs in the stock market rattled many investors. We’ve heard horror stories from our community. People losing hope was a prominent conversation across the community.

It also doesn’t help to hear the loud voices of the non-investors. When things are going well, the non-investors go about their own lives. When there are a few bad days, it’s difficult to skip the judgmental tone of the non-investors. During a week like last week, we tend to remind ourselves of investment wisdom shared by the famed private market investor Jason Calacanis.

Now what? 

“Fortunes are built during the down market and collected in the upmarket.”

On Friday afternoon, we got together as the editorial team and reminded ourselves of this investing wisdom. Here’s to another week of intelligent investing! Here, here!


These companies had a good week. 

  • Tyson Foods (Ticker: TSN) is a $30 billion meat producer that was one of the early investors in Beyond Meat (Ticker: BYND). Last week, the company released its quarterly earnings, and the stock jumped more than 5%. The company will soon launch its own version of plant-based meat and that gave the stock enough momentum for investors to celebrate.
  • Call it a food delivery momentum or magic, Shake Shack’s (Ticker: SHAK) stock price doesn’t do anything but go up. Shares of the burger chain were up more than 17% on Tuesday after the company announced its quarterly earnings and a nation-wide partnership with GrubHub (Ticker: GRUB).
  • The business of online dating is pretty lucrative. And, Match Group (Ticker: MTCH) sits in the middle of all the action. The stock price was up more than 23% on Wednesday.
  • The excitement of the online dating industry isn’t exclusive to Match Group. Another not-so-well-known publicly traded company owns a significant part of it too. InterActive Brands (Ticker: IAC) is an investment company that owns Match Group. On Wednesday, it announced its plans to spin off Match Group into a standalone company. Investors of both companies celebrated the news. And, both stocks finished Wednesday much higher than where they started the day.
  • Roku (Ticker: ROKU) is the underdog of the streaming industry. Against all the odds, the company is now the largest provider of streaming devices in the U.S. The stock is one of the best-performing stocks of 2019, so far.


These companies had a bad week. 

  • Lyft (Ticker: LYFT) both delighted and disappointed investors with growing revenue, declining losses, and sooner-than-expected date for employees and early investors to sell their shares.
  • Uber (Ticker: UBER) didn’t do well this quarter. Revenue growth was no where close to what investors expect from growth stocks. And, expenses racked up to billions. The stock has been a disappointing investment since its IPO, and there are limited reasons to believe it can recover anytime soon.
  • Zillow’s (Ticker Z and ZG) shares are losing their zest. For a while, Zillow was the darling of the stock market. But, in the latest quarterly earnings, Zillow announced losses in its new house-flipping business line. And, investors sent the stock falling.
  • A match made in heaven broke last week when FedEx (Ticker: FDX)dumped Amazon’s (Ticker: AMZN) too explore partnerships with other suitors.


Say what you want! It’s not video games’ fault. 

So, what happened? 

In a new round of anti-video games, companies are taking drastic measures to make a point. For example, Walmart (Ticker: WMT) has asked the employees to unplug violent video games on display.

Well, as investors, especially as video game investors, it is bothersome to hear about the impact of video games on our society. As is the case for all investment decisions, there are more to the story than just one article or what one company decides to do.

Video games and especially violent video games are not exclusive to the United States. If we assume that they are the cause of violent incidents, we have to see a similar pattern everywhere in the world. The image below compares the overall video games revenue and the consequent number of violent shootings in several key markets.

We are sure there are other pieces of information that can help you dig deep into the impact of video games on our society. Take this as one data point, and make your own independent decision.

Disclosure: Authors of this Scoop own shares of ROKU Ticker: ROKU)(, FedEx (Ticker: FDX), Amazon (Ticker: AMZN), Amazon (Ticker: WMT), Zillow (Ticker: Z and Ticker: ZG) , and InterActive Brands (Ticker: IAC)

Hoda Mehr

Hoda Mehr

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