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Last week’s lightning-round

By Mon, Jan 13, 2020

Hey Scoopers,

We are back with another lightning-round edition of The Daily Scoop. Here are the most important events that shaped the movements of the stock market last week:

    • Last week, the stock market media went through a crazy ride. The Middle East unrest and the possibility of finally signing phase of the trade deal with China dragged the media and the overall sentiment to the extreme directions.
    • However, if you look at the market’s 5-day return, the charts do not depict the picture of a market that has been worried about anything. All three indices had yet again another excellent week — more on that in the “Overall Market” section.

Beyond the overall market, get ready for The Sleep Economy — more on that in the “Water Cooler” section.

But first, here is a recap of what happened in the market on Friday.

Market Recap

    • U.S. markets: Friday turned out to be a rather calm day and all three indices moved up enough to finish the day in the green. Scroll to the “Overall Market” section to learn more.
    • Cryptocurrency: Just like the stock market, Cryptocurrencies had an excellent week tooBitcoin’s price is hovering above the $8,000 mark and several other currencies are also in the green.

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Last week, a few Scoopers emailed us about how relieved they were to learn that there won’t be any war in the Middle East, at least for now. It was great hearing from them. Thank you, Scoopers, for sharing your thoughts and worries with us.

Now that we are on the topic of emailing and sharing let’s talk about our plan to experiment with a new section on the Scoops. We are thinking of regularly adding a deep dive into one specific ticker. And, we pick those tickers based on Scoopers’ vote. The first stock on our list to review and research is a new soon-to-go public company. It’s called OneMedical, and it is one of the first 2020 IPOs that is worth paying attention to.

If we get 10 Scoopers to ask for a detailed analysis and review of OneMedical IPO documentation, we will dedicate one full Scoop to it. The power is in your hands now …

Our email address is Or, reply to this email.

The stock market keeps chugging along.

What happened last week?

There wasn’t anything special going on last week that justifies close to 2% gain by the Nasdaq. The positive gain of the other two indices was also not justified by economic indicators. Why does the market keep on growing?

While you can never fully explain why the stock market does what it does on a daily basis, but one perfectly logical explanation for the overall market growth is the excess liquidity in the market.

Globally, interest rates are low. And, the governments have been printing money and carrying large amount of debt (deficit). Moreover, the U.S. companies got a nice tax break a few years ago. That’s extra cash in the system. Those are two of the main reasons there is excess cash circulating around and those who have it don’t have any reason to put it in interest-paying accounts. Remember, interests rate are quite low.

The only other place investors find to stash their money and get paid a decent return is the stock market. It’s hard to tame the stock market when investors (and by investors, we mean large institutional ones), keep pouring money into it. That’s one way to explain, the stock market’s upward rally day after day, week after week, month after one, … you get the point … it seems like a never-stopping trend …

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The Sleep Economy

Casper mattress is going public soon, and with it, we are all invited to add a new industry to our watchlist. Actually, we take that back. Not a new industry, but a whole economy. Say hello to The Sleep Economy.

In the company’s IPO documentation, Casper mattress talks about a more than a $400 billion market, dopped as The Sleep Economy. This “economy” is all about mattresses, beds, sheets, medication, and meditation for you and your pet all-around your snoozing routine.

So add this one to the list of the strange things to watch for your future-shaping investments. We already had space tourism and sports gambling. Now, we are adding The Sleep Economy.

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