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The stock market didn’t get too spooky on Thursday but still managed to finish the day in the red. Overall, you can argue that the last 12 months have been quite scary. In the Halloween edition of the Daily Scoop, we revisit the terrifying memories of the previous 12 months in the stock market.

Beyond the overall market, we found the worst-performing stock of the year that must have made its shareholders’ hair stand on end. And, we take a peek behind the screen of another company that has made its shareholders smile ear to ear, but it’s getting a bit creepy.

Oh, by the way, we asked you and other investors in our community about the spookiest tickers of 2019 that deserve to be Halloween costumes. We’ve got the results for you.

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  • U.S. markets: All three indices finished the day of Halloween in the red, but only slightly.
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin certainly had a crazy ride in the last few months. Had you invested in a few Bitcoins at $6,304.18 the previous Halloween, and sold them today at $9,150 per coin, you would have gained more than 45%. The road in between the two Halloweens was, of course, nothing boring. Bitcoin investors should sit down and rest today, enjoying a candy-full day. Who knows where. Bitcoin’s price will land by the next Halloween.


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The stock market’s spooky ride

What happened in the stock market?

The last 12 months hasn’t been a smooth ride in the stock market. On the contrary, it has been one crazy roller-coaster. Had you invested some money in the three major indices last Halloween, close your eyes, and opened it again on Thursday, you would have nothing to complain about. All three indices grew in the period, between 8% to almost 16%. However, the ride together there has been anything but fun.

How crazy has it been?

First off, between Halloween 2018 and December 4th, all three indices lost at least 12% of their value.

Things got better between December to the end of April, when all indices lost almost 10%.

We got back on the upward train, but only until the end of July, and we nosedived between 5% to 7%.

From July, we’ve been gyrating. Up we go, down we fall, up we go, down we fall…

And, finally, we have arrived on Halloween 2019. The road to a cool 8% to 16% one-year return between the two Halloweens was nothing short of one long ride full of scary moments. We made it through, without selling the good stocks on bad days, and without buying the bad stocks on the good days. Here is to another year of crazy rides in the stock market land.

Here, here …


It’s getting creepy

So, what happened?

Shares of ROKU (Ticker: ROKU) are up 387.7% so far in 2019. Among the companies headquartered in the U.S. with more than $1 billion in market cap, ROKU is the best of them all.

We have talked about Roku several times in the Daily Scoop. The company is building the brain of TVs. Most devices we use have dominant operations systems. For example, Android is the most dominant operating system of smartphones. Laptops have Windows. Cars have Sync, and so on. However, TVs don’t have one yet. And, Roku plans to change that.

While as investors in Roku, we are smile ear to ear, but the company’s performance in one year is giving us the creeps. What if it can’t keep on growing? What if the competition catches on? What if … Being the best-performing stock of the year is just creepy. You want to hold it, but you also want to sell it every day.


Made my hair stand on end

Shares of Covetrus (Ticker: CVET) are down 77.88% since the beginning of the year. Among the companies headquartered in the U.S. with more than $1 billion in market cap, this company is the worst of them all.

Going to the company’s website, and looking at that cat’s beautiful pair of eyes on the homepage makes the stock even scarier. How can a company that deals with fuzzy animals and provides a tech platform to veterinarians be the worst-performing stock of the years so much so that it makes its shareholders’ hair stand on end?

One word … uncertainty.

CVET has been one of the most uncertain stocks of the year. The company had a few bad quarters with unclear reasons behind crashing sales and earnings. In Q2, for example, analysts were expecting revenue and earnings growth. The company did the exact opposite, and the management had no real reason to share. Moreover, just a few weeks ago, the company’s CEO stepped down without any reason.

Mystery, uncertainty, and anticipation are some of the scariest words in the stock market. You never want those words to follow your stocks …


Honorary mentions

What does this mean?

As we worked on this spooky edition of The Daily Scoop, we asked you and our community to join us and nominate a few spookiest tickers of 2019:

What’s one ticker that spooked you so much in 2019 that deserves to be a Halloween costume?

What’s one ticker that spooked you so much in 2019 that deserves to be a Halloween costume?

Here are the top three honorary mentions: Tesla (Ticker: TSLA): It’s so volatile you don’t know when to go short and when to go long.

Stamps.com (Ticker: STMP): It dropped 50%, and then again another 50%.

Beyond Meat (Ticker: BYND): Insane valuation.

Which one was your spookiest ticker of the year?

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